The BAReFiT training program includes activities such as running, jumping, sudden direction change, intense cardiovascular drills and strength training. Acknowledgement is hereby made that all the activities will require you to exercise outside or indoors, in any environment.

You further acknowledge that there are risks involved in participation including, but not limited to those caused by; terrain, facilities, temperature, weather, your own physical condition, and the actions of other participants.

In consideration of you being accepted into the program, you agree that each of BAReFiT and any of its employees and contractors will not be liable for any injuries sustained by you, or any loss or damage suffered by you, during or related to your participation in this program (regardless of the cause of the injury, loss or damage). All payments to be made in advance by direct debit and are non- refundable.

The more important stuff

To bring a positive attitude, work hard, challenge yourself and support others. Photos or video may be taken during workouts for promotional purposes. When friends and family ask how you got in such great shape, you agree to mention BAReFiT and how much fun it was. You also agree not to hold BAReFiT responsible for costs associated with buying new clothing to fit your new body.