Our mission is to bring team spirt and comradery
to the forefront of everything we do!!



Meet Jude

jude barefit success story

Jude is the heart and sole of our Ladies Group at BAReFIT.

She’s been with us for well over a year and her attendance has always been spectacular. 9 months ago Jude mentioned that she was having some knee problems that didn’t seem to go away. So I made a plan to support Jude on her Nutrition so she could shift some unwanted pounds and reduce the pressure on her knees and avoid any operation. And with 10/10 commitment Judith was able to achieve her goal.

Congratulations Judith this is remarkable and we are all so proud of your achievements.


Meet Bridget

bridget barefitnz sucess story

Before joining BAReFIT she’d just had her first baby and struggled to control her weight post pregnancy. Plus she struggled with her energy levels and passion to train consistently. She was used to the bootcamp style of training and had done some sessions before with another supplier.

Bridgets first session with us was legendary. It was our famous boxing class. She was surprised with how engaged our trainers were and how much energy was created during the session. She felt pumped and super happy she pushed herself throughout the whole session.

6 months later she was feeling great but struggling with her Nutrition so she got involved with our Nutrition Program. She was skeptical and worried at the start as she wasn’t sure if she had the discipline but was surprised after a week how great she felt.

6 months on she’s still on the program and finds it a breeze. Plus she’s able to go on holiday, have a little binge but knowing she’s got the program to fall back on.

Congratulations Bridget on transforming your health.


Meet Glenn Blomfield

glenn blomfield sucess story barefitnz

A special mention today goes to Glenn Blomfield.

He joined initially to cover his wife Ingrid’s membership while she was in Europe but he soon got addicted to our community and style of training and decided to stick around.

Then Glenn said he wanted to lose 5 to 7kgs so we made a little plan, added with some good nutrition and away he went.. Glenn never missed a session, he pushed hard every time and this was the consequence of his actions… And the results prove it.

Well done Glenn, we are all very proud of your achievements.

Glenn Blomfield

Meet Merle

Merle BAReFIT Success Story

Before joining BAReFIT she struggled to control her weight and her energy levels were low due to working long hours at work.

Upon joining the team Merle noticed the incredible community and accountability that was present at BAReFIT.

3 months later Merle wanted to enhance her results even future so she followed our Nutrition Program. She was skeptical and worried at the start as she wasn’t sure if she had the discipline. But within 7 days she said to me…

The 30 Day Nutritional Program has been easier than I thought. With visible results and a sense of accomplishment I feel more energized than I have for a long time “My weight was 57kg at the 30 day mark and I started at 67kg

I love the motivating and encouragement from the BAReFIT team, it has made a huge difference in my life. The biggest benefit has been a wonderful sense of achievement and a healthy attitude to fitness which has spilled over into my working and private life. Thanks Steve for your whole hearted commitment to us all.


Meet Corinne

corinne BAReFIT Success Story

Corinne was burnt out from doing 12 hour shifts and couldn’t even get out of bed until midday on a day off, let alone workout.

I’ll first plan was to introduce Corinne to our special community in order to keep her accountable. Once she realised people were relying on her to show up, she never let the mattress win. When the Alarm clock went off at 5.30am it empowered Corinne to change her health. Now she wakes up automatically before the alarm.

Corinne’s most inspired comment was..

“Steve has completely changed my relationship with food and saved me from hours and hours of running on treadmills”


Meet Nadine

nadine BAReFIT Success Story

Prior to joining, she struggled to run and had chronic back issues.

Our first plan was to advise Nadine on her posture and footing. It turned out her trainers were tired and she was due an upgrade. After a new set of trainers and a new sense of optimism, Nadine started our program. With the specialist training schedule Nadine was able to burn fat, build energy and most importantly regain her strength to run without pain.

Nadine’s most inspired comment was…

“Last night I wore a pair of trousers I haven’t fit for 4 years and I can now finally manage my cravings while on a 12 hour shift”.

The excitement in her voice was amazing.


Meet Grant

Grant started training with BAReFIT after receiving a flyer through his door mid Jan.

Grant was looking to for a new way to keep motivated and fit but struggled in the past to stay motivated.

He was a busy professional working in the city, a family man with a couple of kids with little time on his hands.

On Grants 1st ever session with us he struggled to run up a hill without feeling his muscles tighten and seize up. We had to get the ice out on numerous occasions. But instead of giving up Grant took each session as a stepping stone to the next. With the 27/7 support and accountability through the teamwork style of training Grant found BAReFIT an easy hobby to commit to.

Over time the muscles worked better, the tightness stopped and Grant’s confidence grew and grew. From a 200 metre run, to 2000 metres to 20 kms…. He’s proved to the world that whatever fitness level you are, the only thing stopping you from a goal is your mind. Well done Grant for your inspiration to our community, yourself and your family.


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Our mission is to bring team spirt and comradery
to the forefront of everything we do!!