Fitness & Weight Loss

Each session is different meaning you never know what to expect. One thing you’re guaranteed is to feel part of a community and to go home feeling a sense of achievement.


Muscle building

Cardio Endurance

We provide attention to detail through flexibility, thus providing the body with a greater economy of movement and better facilitated oxygen utilization. This ultimately increases the blood flow and reduces dizziness.

Enhancing our overall strength through building muscle is a great way to improve joint movement, increase bone density and reduce the chances of Osteoporosis.

Getting the heart rate up is the ultimate happy pill. Great for prolonged energy, reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.


Aerobic Exercise

Anaerobic Exercise

Boxing is the quickest way to condition your body and at BAReFiT we do this in style. You ask any client and and they are likely to say that boxing is their favorite.

Aerobic exercise is incorporated into every exercise and its prime benefits are improving overall health and quality of life, thus assisting with burning fat, improving your mood and strengthening the heart and lungs. Hence why its a “must” at every session.

Anaerobic Exercise happens in short bursts, usually during our group challenges or fitness assessments. It is when we are working with no oxygen left and we’ll fueling our body with pure glycogen. This means we’ll on the verge of exhaustion and pushing it to the limit. This is great for burning calories faster and building muscle mass. You usually find after an anaerobic activity we’ll still burning fat hours after class.

Boost Your Metabolism

Fire up your engine and burn that excess weight once and for all with these metabolism boosters.

High Intensity Interval Training

Strength and Resistance Training

Balance and Core

Great way to burn calories quickly in a short space of time. Studies suggest that 12 weeks of HIIT can not only result in significant fat loss, but also can give you significant increases in aerobic power.

Its been proven to have a positive affect on insulin resistance, resting metabolism, blood pressure, body fat and happiness, factors that are linked to illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and depression.

Within days, you’re find bending to put the shoes on, carrying the shopping or picking up the kids a breeze. These are just a few benefits of enhancing your balance and core.

Extra Bonuses

Extra value built into your program to fast track your results.

Step by Step Nutrition Guides

Make New Habits


Keeping muscles Hydrated

Fun Fitness Assessments

Seeing your Improvements

They say its 80% what you eat, 20% what you do. So creating good habits requires good diet. At BAReFiT we have a dedicated team ready to help you make new habits.

With new movements, new routines or a new found self-confidence the muscles may become sore or dehydrated, so at BAReFiT we have the option of Physiotherapy to get those muscles back strong as ever in no time.

Team spirit is our number one value when it comes to our monthly fitness analysis. With our sponsors at hand to keep us hydrated throughout, you also have your team mates encouraging you through the journey, in-which you will accept nothing less than your best. Everyone always produces outstanding results.

Do you want to join our growing team?

We are on the hunt for a passionate and energetic Fitness Professional to join our people business about fitness. Do you have a natural ability to build rapport and relationships easily, with a desire to help people and be part of a team.

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