Base Bootcamp

Bring your team together for our jam-packed 45-minute workouts. Our group atmosphere is incredibly supportive.  We’ll help motivate your team and assist them in reaching their goals.

Choose from…..

Team Challenges

Strength sessions

HIIT Training

Boxing and Power

Resistance Training

Core and Conditioning


Health Challenges

Choose from the following programs to suit your team and market. Have fun, build teamwork accountability, and make stronger connections with our EAT, MOVE, BELIEVE challenges.

These challenges range from :

Nutritional challenges

Go Veggie challenges

Walking challenges

Plank or Squat challenges

Step Challenge

Mindfulness challenges


Mindfulness Training

Allow our coaches to relax your mind and treat any achy muscles while you are at work. A total release class, an effective way of reducing pain, improving form, maintaining musculoskeletal health or rehabilitating an injury.

We check the following….

Height and Weight

Waist Circumference

Body Fat Percentage

Blood Pressure

Resting Heart Rate

Mental Health Questionnaire

Lifestyle Questionnaire