Our mission is to bring team spirt and comradery
to the forefront of everything we do!!

BAReFiT is niche bootcamp specialist in Meadowbank

It is designed for everyday working people, who want to get fit, have fun, see results and become part of a community at the same time.

What makes BAReFiT special!

Our unique attention to detail through the fitness assessments, personalized customer experience and the variety of prizes given to the hardest workers.

What is our purpose!

It’s for those people who dislike the gym, dislike exercising on their own and don’t want to folk out $$$ an hour for a personal training session and still end up in the gym surrounded by lots of people they don’t know. It BAReFiT’s purpose to suit this target market by providing a unique group fitness session with a personal training element from $35 a week.

What’s unique about the service!

BAReFiT looks after your health and fitness system. It’s full bodied service. With amazing gifts and rewards for being in the team, physiotherapy back up for rehabilitation, chiropractic care for joints, nutrition plans for weight loss and spa treatments to wind down, it’s a full on experience, not just a group bootcamp.